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Get your gig workers unmatched access to low-cost care solutions.

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Empower your gig workforce's wellbeing with innovative care.

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Have total useage & benefit insights via GSN's solutions.


Gig Safety Net

We solve healthcare for the Gig Economy by leveraging the latest technology and innovation in healthcare coupled with the premise that smart technology, full transparency, and leveraged negotiation are the keys to controlling healthcare costs.

We help organizations get the best possible healthcare for their 1099 gig workers at a manageable cost by offering negotiated, discount-rate access to a wide range of healthcare services, including:

We arm companies with low-cost health access for their gig workers so that they can focus on performing their best.


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Your gig workers will only move from “survive” mode to “thrive” mode and deliver their best work when they’re no longer stressed about securing their health.


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Your gig workers will enjoy total access to negotiated rates on prescriptions, telehealth visits, recovery solutions, risk-share programs, and much more!

Meet Our Founders

The Team Behind The Inspiration

In our new gig economy, we help companies provide high-value healthcare solutions to their gig workers, securing their futures and enabling them to focus on the deliverables.

In the 30 years Steve Marmel has been a “gig worker” in the entertainment industry, he has been a stand-up comedian,  late night talk show writer, an animation producer, a TV host, a show runner, and more. What he has also been… is always able to access care.  This has allowed him to fearlessly chase his dreams. 

At the same time, many of his friends had no care access. Comedians. Freelance writers. Comedy club workers. And after watching many of these gig workers fall through the cracks, he wanted to do something to help.

He wanted to create something that uplifted these innovators – from the first call to doctor to people being healthy again to get back to work without crippling debt hounding them every step.

Steve continues creating and writing, while working with GigSafety.Net to give gig workers the freedom to focus on the life they want to live and to fearlessly chase their dreams.

To make his dream of helping gig workers come true, in late 2021, he partnered with Christopher Hughey, a veteran of both the technology and healthcare sectors, to see if there was a way to bring affordable healthcare to the Gig Economy. Christopher is the founder and CEO of both FastLayneSolutions.com, a business dedicated to helping independent doctors thrive, and FastLayneSolutions.Store, a venture launched this year to bring more transparency and competition to the medical supplies space. 
Together Steve and Christopher are proud to offer GigSafety.Net, a revolutionary packaging of cutting edge technology and unmatched transparency and service to help every American gain more affordable access to healthcare and then go chase their dreams fearlessly.