Affordable Programs For
Your Gig Workers

Standard Plan

Transparent Pricing, Quick Access to Healthcare
  • Gig Safety Net RX Discount Card for prescription discounts (beats GoodRx™ most of the time, and over 22,000 meds are less than a $10 insurance copay)
  • Wellness/Symptoms Check AI ChatBot
  • Cloud-based addiction recovery with proven results; no added charges
  • First step health care
  • Telemedicine appointments at $25-$35 per appointment, including mental health
  • Specialists: telemedicine appointments at transparent prices
  • Treatment: direct primary care doctors who will give transparent pricing before procedures and treatments
  • Cost Negotiation: GigSafety.Net representative negotiates the price of procedures down with practitioners to lower your cost
  • Access to Loans: Healthcare and personal loans for almost all credit levels, including subprime. Can be used for existing debt or to consolidate debt.

Plus Plan

Integrated Network via Our Access Partner (Not Available in All States)
  • All of the "Standard Plan" benefits, plus:
  • Procedures and treatments access at transparent pricing with clear cost-sharing responsibility for the member per healthcare incident, with maximum amounts depending on membership level.
  • Free, unlimited access to telemedicine

Note:  for all members, if they wish for traditional care access, we will, at no charge, refer them to our network partners to assist them.

Let’s Empower Your Business & The Lives Of Your Gig Workforce!

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